When you fight Injustice, Injustice will fight back.

Vineeth Vincent
I believe we are all given amazing opportunities to be beautiful human beings and contribute to positive change on a daily basis. Whether we accept these opportunities or not, is left up to us. Those with money and power will always dominate over those without it. Those who are socially accepted would generally look down at those who are not. From personal experiences, I can tell you that doing the right thing is often the most difficult thing to do. Still, I say – Take up the journey and fight the Injustice. Don’t expect the path you have taken to be an easy one, you will find the road to be bumpy with a lot of nails that deflate your tires along the way. Stay the course, fix those tires and make sure you do your best to reach your destination. If not the joy of success, the journey will change you and make you stronger. You will lose friends and family along the way. You might even lose yourself. But, you must find yourself.. for there exists other Injustices to be fought. Do it because you can and not because you have to. Do it because you have the God given ability to wake up every morning and be phenomenal. You owe it to yourself to realise that you are beautiful. Remind yourself – “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it”. And again, never forget, when you fight Injustice, Injustice will fight back. That way, they can never take you by surprise. So when that day finally comes for you to go down, you can go down with that cheeky grin on your face knowing you did it because you mattered!

Vineeth Vincent

Clicked by Audi Photography


4 comments on “When you fight Injustice, Injustice will fight back.

  1. Victor Francis
    May 30, 2015

    True words sir. I remind myself everyday just as you said, “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it”

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  2. Lincy
    June 1, 2015

    And we fight because, we never fight alone. There is a God who is on our side. Justice and truth will always prevail – EVENTUALLY. But simply put, how sweet it is when we can be on the side of truth and justice and sleep in peace:-) Way to go VV, there is a God in heaven who sees and rewards. As I tell my little ones, you have got a few stars in HIS book, trust me. So keep fighting and keep smiling!

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  3. Aakriti Joanna
    June 1, 2015

    So powerful, Vineeth 🙂


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